About Us


SEDGE offers an integrated approach for addressing the socioeconomic challenges facing South Africa, such as poverty, unemployment, inequality and poor growth especially in rural and township economies. We specialise in turning infrastructure investments into sustainable communities. We build mutually beneficial and sustainable economic bridges between projects and communities.

The unique features of our value proposition lies in our framework and its ability to:

  • Integrate SED into project designs, planning and execution for enhanced impact.
  • Harness the power of technology to provide live dashboard reports for proactive evidence-based decision making.
  • Enable the financial and technical performance of local SMMEs without increasing project risks, thus maximising localisation.
  • Establish the social compact necessary for project performance and impact

Our Framework

We have a holistic framework for delivering integrated value

SEDGE Reports

SEDGE Reports

Real-time SED impact and project performance dashboard reports designed for proactive strategic decision making aimed at maximising impact and performance.


SEDGE Strategy

Strategic advice for the integration of SED into the design, planning and execution of infrastructure projects for enhanced impact.


SEDGE Empower

Capacity building programmes aimed at integrating impact measurement and evaluation frameworks into institutions and projects governance processes; and building SMME financial and performance capacity.


SEDGE Communities

Customised community initiatives that allow meaningfully integration of rural and township economies into infrastructure projects and business value chains.


SEDGE Governance

Creation of a shared stakeholder plan for accelerated and integrated action and impact.

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No 37 Kerk Street, Kempton Park, 1620


More info:info@sedgeimpact.com

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+27(0)11 083 9484